What is CLEERLY and how is it used?

Ascend Imaging has partnered with a Colorado-based laboratory called CLEERLY. Cleery is a revolutionary type of coronary (heart) analysis that leverages the latest in machine intelligence to perform a comprehensive assessment of each of your coronary arteries and branches and potential heart disease. CLEERLY identifies, characterizes, and quantifies plaques with precision to support your physician in determining your risk of heart attack and guiding your treatment plan to maintain heart health.

CLEERLY measures atherosclerosis – plaque build-up in the heart’s arteries – not indirect markers such as risk factors and symptoms of disease. Our AI-enabled digital care pathway offers simpler, faster, more accurate heart disease diagnostics and reporting that’s tailored to each stakeholder, improving overall clinical and financial outcomes.

Learn more about CLEERLY by watching the following testimonial and then follow up with your cardiologist or call Ascend Imaging to learn more about how CLEERLY can help prevent catastrophic medical emergencies.

To learn more, go to Non-invasive Heart Test for Individuals | CLEERLY (cleerlyhealth.com)https://cleerlyhealth.com/individuals

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