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    Ascend Imaging Center currently offers the following services.

    CT Scan

    CT Scan” or “CAT scan refers to Computed tomography.” It uses x-rays to create highly detailed images of internal organs. Since CT scanners are capable of rotating the x-ray device, they can image detailed cross sections, called “slices,” of areas of the body. Unlike images from conventional X-rays, CT shows details of all tissues including organs, bones, blood vessels, etc.

    CT is used frequently to image the abdomen, body, head, or spine. Your physician may order a CT scan to screen for a variety of conditions, including heart disease, sinus problems, certain types of cancer or tumors, or disorders of internal organs.

    For some patients with a history of heavy smoking, CT may also be recommended for lung cancer screening. For patients with suspected heart disease, Ascend Imaging also provides coronary CT exams for cardiac scoring.

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    X-Ray, also known as radiography, is the radiology method that is most familiar to the general public. It uses radiation to produce images of bones and other internal tissues and organs, most commonly to look for fractures or signs of joint problems such as arthritis. Conventional X-Rays may also sometimes reveal signs of other internal conditions, such as heart problems or certain types of cancer; however, other imaging methods are usually more effective in detecting cancer at its earlier and more treatable stages.

    Your physician may order an X-Ray if a fracture or other problem in your bones or joints is suspected. As the fastest and easiest imaging method, an X-Ray may also be used for an initial evaluation for other possible conditions, to help your physician decide whether a more detailed examination using other techniques is warranted.

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    Using sound waves to create images, ultrasound gives physicians a real-time, full-motion view of the inside of the body as it functions during an examination. You can think of ultrasound as being similar to your home video camera, except that it works with sound rather than light and is capable of “seeing” the inside of the body.

    One advantage of ultrasound is that it creates detailed, full-motion images without radiation or electromagnetic energy, making it the preferred method of examining a fetus during pregnancy. It is also highly effective for viewing physiological processes, such as blood flow or the fetal heartbeat.

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    Cardiovascular Screenings

    Cardiovascular screenings help identify problems in your major arteries before symptoms even appear, reducing your risk for heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, heart disease and other serious conditions.

    Some of the more common cardiovascular screenings are for Abdominal aorta for aneurysm, Carotid arteries for stroke prevention, and Peripheral arteries (legs).

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